22 January 2022

Köstritzer Black Lager (@koestritzerDE) By @SpectreUK

Köstritzer Black Lager

Cinabar will probably correct me, but I think I've been blogging about beer for more than twelve years. In that time I've written about many different beers, a few lagers, ciders and even the odd flagon of mead now and then. I've started quite a few of those blogs with "I don't think I've tried this sort of beer (or whatever) before…" and I'm pretty certain that applies to this Köstritzer Black Lager. The Köstritzer Brewery was established in Germany in 1543, so you'd reckon by now they know what they're doing.

On pouring this 4.8% in volume Köstritzer Black Lager I thought I could detect a little chocolate malt in the aroma and some herbal hops. Deep black in colour, Köstritzer Black Lager was bottom fermented but was not too fizzy for my tastes. In fact this lager was just right for me. Sumptuously tasty there was sweet smooth chocolate malt to start with, but no roasted coffee flavours here. The taste moved into rich yet subtle bitterness from the herbal hops, which mixed together for a lip smacking refreshing finish of malt chocolate into the aftertaste. I reckon I could best describe Köstritzer Black Lager as a pudding lager, which I have definitely not tried or blogged about before. Gorgeous!

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