14 January 2022

Afternoon Tea Lemon Curd Nougat (Mr Stanleys) By @Cinabar

fternoon Tea Lemon Curd Nougat (Mr Stanley's)

You may have seen Spectre’s post earlier in the week looking at chocolate matchsticks from Mr Stanley, this item was purchased at the same time as this which was a gift for my mum. She let me try some though! Firstly the packaging is super sweet, it is in a cardboard shaped wedge, not the easiest for packing as a gift but super cute to look at. Once opened you can see that the nougat inside is the same wedge shape making it look like it has been cut from a cake. The bar of Afternoon Tea Lemon Curd Nougat looks so pretty with the lemon curd streak down the middle.

The texture is soft and we used a knife to cut it, otherwise there would be very sticky fingers. The lemon is very rich, sweet but also sharp. The nougat is has plenty of nuts and this makes the texture interesting to eat. This is quite a luxury item but it pairs off a novelty flavour and it totally delivers.

fternoon Tea Lemon Curd Nougat (Mr Stanley's)

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