23 January 2022

Brewdog - Tony's Hopolonely - White Chocolate & Raspberry Milkshake IPA by @NLi10


I have heard lots of talk of pudding bears and pastry stout, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and to buy this Brewdog concoction.  It's an IPA version of the nice White Chocolate & Raspberry Milkshake bar, we talked about the very similar chocolate before.  Turns out it's Dutch (thanks for the comment!).

Sounds exciting!

Messages of positivity!

Slave free chocolate is a very good idea.

...but my god this tastes strange.  It's like someone's taken a decent beer, and a decent chocolate and put the wrong flavours in the wrong mixer.  As someone who is a big fan of taking two very different things and putting them together - this comes as an unpleasant surprise.  

I suspect this will be a very limited edition, and if it wasn't for the other half a pint in the fridge I certainly wouldn't be having more.  Once you get over the initial shock then it's drinkable, but very much under sufferance. 

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