15 January 2022

Dammen IPA Beer (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Dammen IPA Beer

I don't believe I've blogged about or even tried many Italian beers before. It's funny, as I didn't realise this Dammen IPA was Italian until I read the back of this 5% in volume India Pale Ale's bottle. Funny because I've only just watched the Italian Job with Michael Caine. I guess with more planning I'd have watched the film whilst enjoying this beer.

There are lots of suggestions on the back of the bottle of what meals to wash down with this Dammen IPA. From pizza to spicy dishes, from vegetables to strong cheeses. I've opted for a beef stew with dumplings. It's a little more English, but there are plenty of vegetables in the stew too. So it's a proper collaboration between English and Italian cuisine. My culinary Italian Job so to speak!

The back of the bottle states that there are herbal and flowery notes to this Dammen IPA, with a good hit of malty goodness. In aroma there was a lot of sweetness from the malts on opening the 330ml bottle, and with undertones of herbal and flowery hops. I must admit that this may be the wrong time of the year to be drinking this India Pale Ale, as it smells a little like a hot summer's day rather than a cold and murky winter's evening.

On taste this shining golden IPA has a tangy sweetness to begin with from the almost tart sweet pale and possibly crystal malts. That sheer sweetness was pounced on pretty quickly by a herbal bitterness from the added hops, and a little flowery flavour at the back of the flavour into the lip smacking refreshing aftertaste. Dammen IPA Is a beer I could quite happily drink plenty of. Mmm… gorgeous!

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