30 January 2022

Macsween Vegetarian Haggis for Burns Night by @NLi10

Ready for Burns Night I added a Vegetarian haggis to the food delivery.  I toyed with eating it early and having it ready to review for the day itself, but I figured that'd be too late for people to pop out and buy one anyway.  It's a fat package indeed!

So all we need to do is cook that and a few potatoes.

Into the microwave it goes!

Well - once we've sliced it and popped it in a bowl.  Look at all that lovely grain - the first time I had veggie haggis I was really sceptical - but this stuff is amazing and really creates cravings afterwards.

Chubby slices and 10 mins in the microwave at medium.

Then mash it up to make a fantastic main part of any Burns night supper.  So many deep flavours, and fantastic textures that I suspect i'll be having this again before next year.

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