1 January 2022

Shepherd Neame New Dawn Citrus IPA Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Shepherd Neame New Dawn Citrus IPA Beer

New Year - New Dawn… or so some may say. It's the time of year where many people try to change themselves, be it through dieting, exercise, new job, academia or just trying to be nicer or safer or not, or whatever… and that's okay. New Year's Resolutions are a good idea, so is ambition, but it's the staying power of a change in lifestyle that is key. Once you've made a positive change, then you should try to stick it!

For me I can't see much change for this year. I'll still do my crazy exercise routines every day to maintain my muscles and strengthen my joints. I'll still go to the gym every day, well at least until March when I'll look for more contracting work in project management. I'll love the same people and miss the ones I've lost along my way, hoping it's possible to see old friends again and still mourn those that can't return. I know that doesn't sound very positive, but it is in a way. Rehabilitation takes a great deal of time depending on how many injuries you have and what they are; be they mental, physical, and or emotional, or a mixture of all three. I'm continuing to fight the good fight. That is for me.

So no New Dawn for me, asides this beer that Cinabar excitedly found for me to write about for the New Year. Brewed by Shepherd Neame, Britain's oldest brewer since 1698, this Citrus India Pale Ale is 5% in volume. Citra hops were used to produce hints of orange and citrus. There was certainly an orange aroma on opening the bottle, and it was pretty strong too. This deep golden IPA could well be described as an orange citrus beer, I'm surprised there wasn't any orange peel in the ingredients. There was also a light citrus bitterness which was followed by sweetness from the pale malts into the aftertaste.

New Dawn is a lovely refreshing beer perfect for any New Year celebration, whether there isn't much change on the horizon, just more of the same good fight, or a change to your lifestyle in general. Cheers!

Happy New Year to you all!

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