31 December 2021

Lebkuchen Stars (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Lebkuchen Stars (Tesco)

We have a tiny branch of Tesco Express near us, it was built on a pub car park and sort of slotted into some of the spaces. I’m not complaining it is a really good place to easily pick up the basics, and has a friendly feel to it but it isn’t the sort of place I would have expected to pick up these Lebkuchen Stars. I love Lebkuchen I have German heritage and was brought up on these as a Christmas treat, so I picked up a bag when I saw them. The lady on the till asked me what ‘Leb-cutchen’ Stars were and I explained they were pronounced ‘Leeb-kook-en’ and that they were a German biscuit/cake cross over with seasonal spice. I told her if she liked nutmeg and cinnamon she’d love them. There are many types of Lebkuchen in reality, different shapes and some flavoured with chocolate or more heavily of ginger, but these are simple stars.

I opened up the bag and was pleased with the aroma, there was plenty of cinnamon in there. The base of each biscuit is dipped in chocolate and the top is iced with a very thin glaze, just enough to crackle when you bite in. The texture is soft like a firm cake, and the spices just lovely and warming, all that cinnamon is just so very seasonal. These are good biscuits, not as good as the ones my grandma used to bake (but these things never are) but still delicious all the same. I hope you are tucking into some nice seasonal treats tonight and looking forward to the clock ticking to midnight. Happy New Year everyone, here is hoping 2022 is a good one.

Lebkuchen Stars (Tesco)

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