5 December 2021

Snackzilla - Chocolate Soft-Baked Oat Cookies by @NLi10

Again - we hit the Sainsbury’s sale snacks - but these are more lunchbox than Halloween.

Here we have Snackzilla - individually wrapped - half sugar Oat Cookies.  The box is very enticing, and for 42p (and a farthing) per cookie worth a shot - even if I don’t have a lunch box.

The branding also suggests these are for the young-team. They have naturally sweet chicory root fibre in them? Hmm - sounds too healthy - got anything else?

Sounds more enticing…

And it’s mostly oats - and we love oats.

So cute!  I have no preference on the ghost thing - both would be cool.

And the cookie itself is surprising too.  A little flat, a little sticky, and surprisingly chewy but pretty satisfying.  A little oats and a little chocky it treads the line between health snack and treat effortlessly.  Well worth full price - and very much a Friday treat for the lunchbox (even if it’s probably fine to have every day).


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