19 December 2021

New Takis Fuego - super spicy corn tubes from Iberia by @NLi10

While taking a wander locally I spotted that a small store had a sign saying they had Takis Fuego back in stock.  I had no idea what that was, but decided to pick a small bag up to try. 

Spicy packaging.

Made in Spain (specifically Iberia) these are essentially tube crisps covered in lime flavoured spicy dust.  Turns out one of the companies responsible for these being imported is right here in Birmingham so maybe I've just been oblivious to these the whole time!

They are super crispy too, and I really enjoyed the level of spice here.  Just above a Medium Nandos, but with a lot of lime thrown in.

I can understand why the shop advertised they had more of these - I think I might be going back especially to pick up another big bag - even though the shop is a bit of a trek.

If you want a fairly spicy, but cheap surprise present for someone then go track down a big bag!


Also - this is the 5,000th post on the blog (or 5001st - it's hard to tell) so thanks for putting up with us for all these years!!

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Bulldoger said...

Congratulations on this big milestone! Enjoy your reviews. Thanks for your dedication.