4 December 2021

Brooklyn Defender IPA Beer (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Brooklyn Defender IPA Beer

I remember enjoying Brooklyn Lager sometime ago, so I was quite excited to see this Brooklyn Defender IPA appear in my cavernous beer fridge after a delivery one day. At 5.5% in volume this golden India Pale Ale promises tropical fruits and a keen edged bitterness from its hops.

Cinabar commented on how smart the can looked as I asked her to photograph it. A keen photographer myself, I remember at university one of my modules was all about photography. Also I studied photography at art college and loved it. No digital cameras in those days, which actually made perspective shots much easier to take with a lens. I still prefer the feel of those bulky old cameras too. I must be showing my age! Anyway, for some reason I'm rubbish at taking shots of snack foods and beer cans. So I always ask Cinabar to take the photos.

On opening the can there was a cheerful fizz and a fruity tropical smell from the beer inside. This deep golden IPA shines like the afternoon sun over the Brooklyn Bridge. Not that I've ever been there, but I'd certainly love to go someday. I'm sure I'd take a good photo of that if not the can of Brooklyn Defender IPA I'd make sure I would be drinking afterwards.

On taste Brooklyn Defender IPA has a refreshing combination of tropical fruits to start with, then the bite from the hops chops threw them like a heavy barge under a big beautiful bridge. That sharp bitterness carries threw right into the aftertaste just as it's met by a sweetness from the malted barley. This is a lovely flavour packed refreshing beer that woke me up late afternoon, once I'd dozed a little after a big lunch and an even bigger amount of exercise first thing in the morning. Cheers!

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