27 December 2021

Hog Roast Flavour Crisps (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Hog Roast Flavour Crisps (Co-Op)

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and is looking forward to New Year celebrations. We had leftover sandwiches on Boxing Day, as I suspect a great number of people did. There is always more food than is needed at Christmas but the roast tastes fab in a sandwich the next day. With the sandwich we opened up this bag of Co-Op Hog Roast Flavour Crisps to share.

The idea behind the crisps is that it is pretty much the flavour of a full roast pork dinner in the bag. I poured some of the crisps out and they look like they have the skin on, not a problem at all just couldn’t tell from the image on the bag that they would be that way. I gave one a taste and the flavour wasn’t quite as exciting as I had hoped. They are crunchy but not too crunchy. I love meaty crisps, and I love roast pork with apple sauce but these just tasted a bit mixed up. Each mouthful brought a hint of meat, a hint of sage and sweetness (presumably from the apple sauce) and they managed to hit the level of being okay. They had a lot of potential but for me they didn’t quite live up to it. I honestly think pork and apple or pork and sage would have worked better than these everything Co-Op Hog Roast Flavour Crisps, together it was all a bit confused.

Hog Roast Flavour Crisps (Co-Op)

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