30 December 2021

Home made spinny hot chocolate - and luxury mallows by @NLi10 @BCConfectioner

 Pic from later on as key photo as I steamed up the lens and didn’t notice!

Today we have some new kit to review - it’s a hot chocolate spinning and heating machine! Hotel `chocolate call these Velvetisers and charge lots - but this is the Aldi version and     it works too!

First you spin the hot chocolate and fog up your lens.

Then you swap blades and make some frothy milk to go on top.

And sink In a few cheap mallows.

Then you do it again a few days later in the interests of getting better pictures!

This is my favourite ‘sweet’ hot chocolate.

Spins up nicely. Great temperature.

So what is this lovely square? As seen in the pic at the top these are Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows. We bumped into these at Winchester Christmas fayre and decided one box would be a fine risk - then we got this hot chocolate thing and I wish I’d got three!

These are so damn fruity! And it turns out they are very local to Winchester so online is basically our only option. belindaclark.co.Uk is what you want if you fancy some too.

They melt really well in the hot chocolate and zing with the raspberry flavour and really add some sweetness to the dark chocolate. Given time I’m sure we will have more! 

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