2 December 2021

Hello Fellow Creatures - Matcha & Raspberry White Chocolates by @NLi10

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Happy December! I am opening advent calendars (and tins...) this year but I'll talk about those later on.

I did do some 'shorts' as I am down with the children - but I put them on the wrong account so here they are.

Day 1

Day 2

Don't worry about the actual content of that channel - it's all retro board-games and no snacks.

So - what about the actual review?  I found some more coloured chocolate!

This was a little more expensive - but I don't remember how much.  I picked it up from the Red Brick Market in Birmingham again - it's another plant based deal too.  All very ethical and good.

Luckily it's also free of all the bad things people sneak in so you don't notice that it's vegan.


It's green! I'm a fan of Matcha chocolate anyway - and I know the strength of the flavour hides a multitude of sins.  My friend said it had a minty aftertaste, but I'm convinced that was colour psychology.

The little rectangles are quite slim, but frankly it's an appropriate portion.  The matcha kick is real - and I've finished this one already due to the wonderful nature of using these to have the energy to go home at the end of the day.

I tried to resist opening this one until I'd finished the green one - but failed.  Raspberry choc is really one of my favourite things.

Naturally it's pink, but also spotty due to the little real bits of fruit.  And it's great - maybe not as stand-out-ish as the green one, but I've been offering people the Hershey's Milkshake Pink Chocolate and not this one so it's pretty darn close.

This is (yet another) one where I'm going to have to try all the flavours - but with two chocolate advent calendars to get through (and my partner has a tea one to covet too) I will probably wait until the NY.

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