12 December 2021

Advent Roundup 2021 - White, Cats & Vegan by @NLi10

 It's basically half way through December which mean's I've got enough evidence to tell me what I think of each of the offerings.

First up we have a gifted Milkbar calendar - which actually has double pictures!

This is unusual in this age - all the other ones didn't bother.

The white chocolate could literally be anything and is unrelated to the pictures - low score but this is for toddlers (and me to have with cripplingly dark hot chocolates).

Next up - a late etnrant - cat calendar! These were better than half price (apparently) and contain regular kibble, and triangle luxury kibble.

Bad poos? Quick -fill the cat with them!  

Unfortunately only one of the cats likes the triangle ones - and they both ignore the kibble.  

No pictures of them eating them so far...

And here we have the main event - the Buttermilk vegan choc calendar.  No pictures - so dissapoint.

Here are the little lovely things inside - they aren't that exciting - but they are really nice!

The packaging is very eco too - easy recycle.  And the box has special reasons to break it up for recycling too - hidden goodies!

This is easily the winner but it was quite expensive...

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