18 December 2021

Spaten Beer (Import) By @SpectreUK

Spaten Beer

I do generally like European lagers as they can be a bit smoother and less belch inducing than some of the mass produced regular off the shelf lagers. Spaten Premium Lager is made in Munich, and is brewed with one malt and also Hallertau hops. It sounds like a treat with my Chinese Takeaway tonight!

At 5.2% in volume is a Munchen Hell Lager. It is a bottom fermented pilsner style beer. On opening this bright shining golden lager has a malty Pilsner aroma. On taste it has a crisp biting herbal hop flavour to it. In fact that bite of hops was actually too snappy even for me, and I do usually love bitter beers.

I thought it was actually too fizzy for me too. I actually worried I'd get belly ache from drinking it. I quite liked the flavour of Spaten, but I was a bit disappointed overall. Too severe in hop for me, too much fizz and too little balance of sweetness from the malts towards the aftertaste. I didn't really find Spaten refreshing so unfortunately it's a poor review from me on this beer. Oh, well… I'll look forward to the next beer instead!

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