16 December 2021

Pepsi with a splash of Mango juice?! By @NLi10

I like to buy a little something from the newsagent that looks after our parcels when I pick things up - so I’ve ended up with some interesting snacks and variants to try.  Today we are talking about Pepsi with mango Juice.

(With other natural flavours)

I think it’s American in origin - the way the nutrition focuses on Calories and not actual nutrition is a big hint.

And it looks a lot like Pepsi! 

And it tastes like you slipped. In Burger King and many other American style places we can make our own drinks by mixing things - Pepsi with say a random fruit juice.  This tastes like one of those mixes - and it’s really not great.

The Pepsi flavour is there but the initial smell is Mango and the aftertaste is Mango so it’s like having two drinks simultaneously and not being able to appreciate either fully.  I think that i might work with a dark rum as a mixer though - but for me thats a rarity.

I think I’d just rather have the two separately in future so this is a no from me.

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