17 December 2021

Aero Combos (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Aero Combos

I found these new Aero Combos in the supermarket, in the chocolate aisle, in amongst the grab bags. I had actually looked at the popcorn section first and then found myself browsing chocolate which is where I found a combo of both. These new Aero Combos contain toffee coated popcorn, Aero Bubbles and malt balls. This sounded perfect for snacking on while catching up on Netflix.

The bag suggests shaking it to even up the mix before pouring them out. I did this and noticed that all popcorn was still on the top, with the odd Aero Bubble visible. I had to dig in the bag to find the malt balls which is not surprising as aren’t they tiny! No wonder they sank through the gaps to the bottom of the bag.

The Aero Bubbles are the milk chocolate version and are lovely as I really like the texture of aerated chocolate. The popcorn were decent sized pieces and and were fluffy yet crunchy, the toffee was just right. The malt balls are the new item and they are just to small, they don’t quite fit in, they are hard to find in the bag and the dark chocolate and tiny bit of malt give a quick flavour burst that quickly disappears, which is such a shame. I like the concept of these Aero Combos but only two out of the three of the items worked. Had the malt balls been the same size they would have delivered more flavour and stayed more equally mixed up in the bag.

Aero Combos

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