25 December 2021

Sparkling Mead (Lyme Bay Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Sparkling Mead (Lyme Bay Brewery)

I may have written about Mead before, but not a sparkling Mead. I have certainly enjoyed a few bottles of Mead wine and flagons of traditional Mead from the Lyme Bay Brewery. In fact I have an order of mead and other beverages delivered every three months or so.

Recently I've been really enjoying a bottle of their spiced Lugger Rum. It tastes pretty much like liquid mince pies and goes rather well in a mug of hot Nutmeg. This latest blog is about their sparkling Mead…

At 4% in volume this sparkling mead should have a little kick to it. There was a cheerful fizz on opening the can. There was an odd, almost pungent smell of honey amongst the bouncing bubbles. There was also a surprising sourness with some light spices in the aroma. This odd smell wasn't all that welcoming. Once the bubbles had calmed down a little, the fermented honey and spices hadn't mix so well with the spices and carbonated water. Oh no… I'm starting to feel like Scrooge here…

This mead reminded me pretty quickly that mead and mead wine are usually non sparkling for a reason. I didn't like this drink at all unfortunately, which is odd for me, as I haven't found a mead i didn't like before. Oh well, I'll stick with the flagons and mead wine I guess… and I do love their Lugger Rum! Merry Christmas!

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