9 December 2021

DOPSU - No Chicken Peices #Vegan by @NLi10

I like picking up odd meat-likes when we go shopping - and consequently I've no idea where this bag appeared from.  I think it might be Iceland - as it was buried at the  back of my freezer draw under their lovely salt and pepper chicken.

Dopsu or DOPpelganger SUbstitute is basically a big bag of protein - and it claims to be fairly authentic so I avoided feeding this to my resident vegetarian until we were out of exciting things to combine with the (astonishingly good) Pumpkin Curry Pesto from Tesco's Wicked Kitchen range.

Looks pretty pathetic frozen...

But give it a little time in a frying pan and it becomes a little bit amazing.

Doesn't look like much here but it's really got the texture of meat - including the way that a piece can crisp on one side due to being fried a little too long.  I really enjoyed it and intend to eat lots more.  My partner didn't hate it - and finished her portion despite it's realistic nature - possibly due to the amazing sauce.

This certainly will lead to lots more exciting meat-likes being reviewed, whether I have to eat them solo or not.

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