29 December 2021

Porky Puffs Marvellous Maple (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Porky Puffs Marvellous Maple

I do like a packet of pork puffs with my lunch after a good workout. Of course I'm still on my calorie counting diet and can't see that changing. I have a balanced diet so I try to have whatever I want to eat, but in moderation. It works for me, well, just as long as I workout like crazy every day I can even have half a packet of biscuits and a mug of eggnog with a shot of rum in it if i want. Gosh… now that was a 1000 calories of heavenly pudding right there! Of course I can't do that very often, but the joy of just doing it once in a while…

I used to eat a lot of pork scratchings in order to fix my muscles after a workout, then the pandemic struck and everything went wacko! Then of course I broke tooth eating pork scratchings. Not wanting to go to the dentist at the time i was thankful it was at the back of my mouth, and so far hasn't caused me any further problems. So I fairly recently switched to pork puffs. Lower in calories (around the same as a packet of crisps) full of protein and fat, they're perfect for a boost to my muscles after a long morning of weights and other exercises.

I have tried most of The Snaffling Pig Co. pork rind and pork crackling flavours. I have tried their Marvellous Maple Pork Rinds before and loved them. Snaffling Pig have made Pork Puffs with same Marvellous Maple flavouring now. These pork puffs are made from lean cuts of pork that were double cooked.

On opening the bag there was a familiar aroma of salty pork and sweet maple syrup. On first crunchy taste these pork puffs began to melt in my mouth. There was the sweetness from the maple syrup flavouring mixing perfectly with the pork, as well a saltiness throughout each crunchy mouthful.

These Snaffling Pig Co. Porky Puffs Marvellous Maple tasted great. They had a perfect balance of sweetness from the maple syrup flavouring, as well as saltiness and porkiness from the crunchy puffs. I'll be looking forward to having another bag of these one lunchtime for its boost to my protein levels in my diet.

Information on the packet; The 25g bag contains 487 calories per 100g (about 122 calories per bag), with 24.5g of fat, 0.5g of sugar, and 6.1g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Porky Puffs Marvellous Maple

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