26 December 2021

Christmas (pumpkin) Spice Shreddies - Limited Edition by @NLi10

 Hope you had a good Christmas!! At the point I'm writing this (Mid Dec) we've no idea if we will be in lock-down or isolation or busy visiting family - so I'm stacking up the reviews to be safe.

So - why do I have a Halloween cereal?!

Well - of all the tenuously themed holidays Halloween has always been the best. Spooky packaging and dark spicy flavours is very much my jam.  Here though we have an odd one - while Pumpkin Spice Latte is a Halloween thing to have in the coffee bar as an intro to winter - there isn't really a traditional Halloween breakfast slot.

I opened these, had a sniff, and checked the date - these are fresh well into the summer 2022.  So - I kept them for the crisp December mornings instead.

If you Imagine that Mr Shreddies had popped these in a Santa box, with a Christmas Market made out of Shreddies (and called them Winter Spice or something) then you've got a perfect Christmas cereal.

Familiar enough that you know what you are getting, and with just the right amount of artificially added flavour that your first bites are really strong and the rest just washes into the milk.

Seriously - if you can find these half price in stores like I have been then you are laughing.  The perfect winterfest cereal hidden in a pumpkin shaped package.

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