24 December 2021

Festive Brownies (Paul A Young @paul_a_young) By @Cinabar

Festive Brownies (Paul A Young)

What better Christmas Eve treat is there than watching Christmas movies and snacking on an indulgent chocolate brownie. Of all the nights though Christmas Eve requires something a bit special, so here we have Paul A Young’s Festive Brownies. Paul A Young is a London based chocolatier who is a regular guest on BBC Saturday Kitchen, I bought these brownies from his online shop. It has been a while since I last went to London.

The brownies look pretty wrapped in purple ribbon. I took them out of the wrappers with the intention of them being finger food, but they were a little sticky so I was forced to go all posh and use plates and cutlery, well, it is Christmas. :-D

I took a piece and the Festive Brownie is so moist the fork went stickily through it. I gave the bite a try, and oh my the flavour was out of this world. The flavour of the brownie was like someone had mixed Christmas pudding in with a fabulous chocolate base. There was spice and fruit tastes all shining through. These were a very rich naughty delight, wonderfully gooey and melt in the mouth. I hope you are all having a treat too this evening. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Stay Safe and have happy holidays.

Festive Brownies (Paul A Young)

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