11 December 2021

Estrella Galicia Beer (Import) By @SpectreUK

Estrella Galicia Beer

I like to try different beers from other countries. Ages ago I received a present for my Birthday of a box of export beers. Estrella Galicia was one of those beers. This 5.5% in volume lager has been produced in Galicia in Spain since 1906. It generally seems to be served with Tapas, but I'm having it with Venison Ravioli in a tomato sauce and some herb bread on the side. Pasta dishes usually go rather well with a nice light lager, so hopefully this Estrella Galicia 'World Lager' will do the same.

On opening the bottle I quickly found that this beer had not traveled well. A seasoned blogger of beer I can usually see the signs of an excitable beer on opening, but after a long day of weights and exercise, as well as an afternoon of wandering around shops I was pretty slow off the mark. I managed to shove the bottle opening into my mouth fairly quickly, but not before I lost a small amount of beer on my hand and the floor.

On smell this Estrella Galicia had a light herbal hoppy aroma, with a touch of malted barley. On taste this lager isn't too gas inducing, which surprised me considering the angry volcano of bubbles that greeted me on opening the bottle. This is a pleasant light refreshing lager beer, with a touch of bitter herbal hops to start with, then sweetness from the malted barley, followed by another slightly harder kick from the hops into the aftertaste. This was very nice indeed and went rather well with my dinner. I'd certainly have another, I'll just have to make sure I'm a bit more awake next time I open a bottle!

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