6 December 2021

Oykos Apple Cinnamon Greek Yoghurt (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Oykos Apple Cinnamon Greek Yoghurt

Happy Cinnamon season everyone, the Christmas lights are up and seasonal spiced foods are in the shops. Gosh I love cinnamon, I hate that it isn’t around all year, so when we do get the limited edition cinnamon goodies at Christmas I do go out of my way to try everything. These new Oykos Apple Cinnamon Greek Yoghurts are my latest purchase. The yoghurts are layered and there is a fruity apple and cinnamon compote at the bottom topped with ‘Greek Style’ yoghurt. Does that mean it is or it isn’t Greek yoghurt? Greek Style sounds a bit of an odd choice of words, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

I tried the yoghurt and I was expecting apple to be dominant flavour with a hint of cinnamon but much to my surprise there was lots of sweet spice from the cinnamon in the flavour, the apple sweetened it but the cinnamon shone through. The yoghurt on top was thick and creamy and also a delight. It paired well with the fruit compote and it felt like a proper treat to eat. Oh my these Oykos Apple Cinnamon Greek Yoghurts were a good purchase, if you are a cinnamon fan you need to put these on your list, they are cinnamon heaven!

Oykos Apple Cinnamon Greek Yoghurt

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claire said...

It means it isn't made in Greece. And sadly, too many brands scrimp by using stabilisers or thickeners to mimic the properly strained texture. But hey, ho...