23 December 2021

Artisan Finnebrogue naked pork-free bacon by @NLi10


I've reviewed a few meat-free bacons recently - the best being the Richmond one, but this one looked worth a try too.

I'd not heard of Finnebrogue but it looked like a 'good food' brand rather than an already famous name that is moving into the meat-free options.

So this one is more focused on the taste and smell of proper bacon - and it certainly passed that test - see below for evidence. It' also is less homogenous than some of the other fake bacons - each slice looks different so it's not quite as freaky.

Looks like they are well known for making meaty bacon more healthily too - I'll have to check that out too! (I'm not veggie - just meat reducing)

Doesn't really look massively authentic - no one has quite figured out how to get the white bits to disappear as you cook it.  The smell here is very much spot on though - but don't ask me...

Independent smell expert Flo was very interested in the appearance of meat in a largely veggie household.  She also ate the tiny bit I gave her which was interesting as they can usually tell that it's not for them quite quickly.  The other cat wasn't even interested in the smell.

I did enjoy this - the texture and taste is closer to the old veggie bacon's that I'd have a few years back than I'd like.  The texture in particular is not bacon-like.  But - all this said - it's a decent food that certainly excels at the smell test, but for authenticity I'd go for the Richmond over this.

Neither are quite good enough for me to want these every time I shop, but having a pack stashed away that I can eat when my very veggie partner isn't home is a useful option.

I look forwards to exploring the range more in the future.

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