5 January 2022

Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped (GBGifts) By @SpectreUK

Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped

It is the time of the year where many people are saying stuff such as; "new year, new me!" And then going on diets and charging around the gym trying to lose weight they may have gained during the Christmas period. Well, I thought I'd start the year by reminding everyone you're never too old or too young to enjoy a good snack…

So I'm starting this year with a possible sour explosion with these Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped. It's a good thing they are unwrapped too, as Starburst can be a pain to unwrap at the best of times. Although they're much better than some brands, which have wrappers that stick to the sweets. Rarely can I be bothered to sit there and unwrap a multitude of sweets though, especially if I'm watching something particularly riveting on TV.

Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped

There are four flavours of chewy sweets inside the packet. There are cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, and strawberry. As you can see from the photograph these sweets are shaped like square tapered tablets. The cherry flavour tasted of quite a strong bitter sort of fruity cherry. The blue raspberry had a powerful sour kick of raspberry towards the end of its chewing. The watermelon had a strong sour watermelon flavour. The strawberry had a sort of false tasting sour strawberry flavour.

It took quite a bit of chewing to get the flavours out of each sweet. They started off a little dry in my mouth, and didn't make my mouth water with fruity sour enjoyment. I could actually taste the apple juice in the ingredients after eating a few of these chewy mini sweets, but that was the only real fruitiness I could pick out. I could see why they added "natural & artificial flavours" to the packet. Unfortunately I prefer more natural flavours to my sweets. I'll give these Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped a snacking thumbs down.

Whether you're changing to be healthier or remaining the same, Happy New Year to you all!

Information on the packet; The 52g packet has 200 calories, with 1g of fat, 35g of sugar, and 65mg of Sodium. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Mini Starburst Sours Unwrapped

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