4 January 2022

Limited Edition Toffee Crisp Orange (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Limited Edition Toffee Crisp Orange

Seems we are straight onto the new products after all the Christmas goodies. I have to say I normally refer to January as the Winter lull. We get lots of new products out for Christmas so December is an easy month to find fun things to write about. January is harder as many companies have a bit of a break before setting out Easter limited editions. Our Valentines offerings are getting a bit better in the UK, but in terms of blogging everyday January is the trickiest month. Having said all that I did an online grocery order, clicked the link for new products and spotted these Limited Edition Toffee Crisp Orange bars, so that is a good start.

This is a multipack of four bars of Toffee Crisps flavoured with orange, which sounded like a good fit for bar. I love mint, and I’m very much hoping that mint gets some of the love in 2022 that orange has been getting recently. The bar is a fairly soft bar but has plenty of texture, there are rice crispy pieces and a soft caramel like toffee. I love texture so this is always a favourite bar of mine. The orange is surprisingly strong and delivered a fab hit of rich sweet orange throughout the bar. It was almost as strong as an Orange Creme sweet from a chocolate tin. I did like this Limited Edition Toffee Crisp Orange, I was impressed by the citrus blast and thoroughly enjoyed the bar.

Limited Edition Toffee Crisp Orange

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