16 January 2022

Waitrose Winter & Summer Shortbreads by @NLi10


I tend to get shortbread for Christmas.  This isn't an issue because I really enjoy shortbread! One year I got a massive 1kg box, but this year I got one winter shortbread in a hamper (box) and one summer shortbread from my partner.  As they were both from Waitrose I thought I'd group them together.

Scottish Shordbread stars in Christmas Box

First up - winter - crisp and full of spice - and also star-shaped! 9 in a box, 130g.

Shortbread stars in a tray looking all pointy

Totally present grade presentation - not a point damaged on the stars at all.

A solo star looking very tasty

Crispy, dark shortbread with a lovely grainy texture.  If you'd baked these you'd be expecting a handshake.

They smell like winter too - with a little (mixed) spice and orange peel to complement the cranberries. They also have the tiniest bit of black pepper hiding at the end of the ingredients so you know they are serious.

And the taste is great, the shortbread is still there (buttery and subtle under all the winterfest) but it's not the star.  I wasn't sure these would work, but with a warm drink these work perfectly.  The only reason they have lasted this long is that they are very much a one-and-done biscuit.  Spice to be savoured and not demolished.

Waitrose shortbread in a summer red and pink stripy box

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have summery strawberry and cream - also received for Christmas because in these dark days a little ray of sunshine is always welcome.

ingredients and tray with 8 shortbreads

Only 8 in the box here - but 160g instead so I forgive them.

bite picture with fruit inside the crumbly shortbread

These are a little more traditional, although the flavours don't feel quite as authentic.  The cream and the strawberries take this in the opposite direction becoming much sweeter with the shortbread as the base notes.  And it's alarmingly similar to an English cream tea.

This is very much a case of quickly closing the box before you start your third biscuit, so while these were opened yesterday there is really only 4 portions to the stars 9.  Even if those portions are much larger.

A satisfyingly sweet biscuit, that goes to show Waitrose really take care over their biscuit ranges so while they may look a little pricey you really do get something a little magical, that is a very welcome gift at any time of the year!

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