11 February 2021

A kilo of shortbread (Director's Selection) @NLi10

Sometimes the simplest Christmas presents are the best.  My partner got me a little box of luxury shortbread, and another relative got me this - a whole kilogram of shortbread.

Made only with the finest of ingredients in the heart of Scotland, this unique selection is comparable to both a kilo of feathers and a kilo of steel.

It even comes in two sealed for freshness sections, so you can portion it out to two meals.

In truth it's lasted quite well - probably 3 weeks?  Each of the halves has 30 of these similarly sized but differently designed biscuit, and I only have 5 left.  I have been sharing them too.

And they aren't as melt in the mouth crumbly as the premium Tesco ones were, but these are great for keeping the edge off hunger.  Perfect with a nice cup of tea too - a great buttery taste and aroma.

Bring on the next kilo!


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