21 February 2021

Co-op Lightly Salted Veggie Tortilla Chips - for dinner! (NLi10)

We don't get out much these days - what with the plague and everything - so we are having to recreate some of the decadant treats we'd normally have at home.  One of these is the 'crisps for dinner' starter that you get/got at Chiquitos and similar.  Essentially the kitchen pour some sauce on some tacos and stick them in the oven for a bit - we can do that at home!

And yes - I know we've talked about this before - but now the co-op have presented us with options.  These aren't so much vegetarian (which they are) but vegetable flavoured corn chips.  If you've had the tricolour pasta then you know what to expect as it's the same Spinach & Beetroot dust that's used here.  Ace!

As a half a bag portion - with cheese, guac' and sour cream this works well for one person.

I was supposed to do my own portion with the quorn mince salsa mix that I prefer but I had something else that evening and we ate the rest of the bag while watching the film. 

A great fun alternative to plain chips & dip, and technically it might even contain some vitamins this way.

Great (until you run out of films on the streaming service anyway!)

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