8 February 2021

Walkers Max - KFC Zinger - Double Crunch (Asda) By @Cinabar

Walkers Max - KFC Zinger - Double Crunch

There has been a series of of crisp flavours in the UK which are restaurant or takeaway flavours and this is the latest in that series, Walkers Max KFC Zinger crisps. All different brands have been giving it a go but Walkers have released quite a few. Chicken is invariably my favourite flavour of crisps and KFC my favourite fast food so I couldn’t wait to try these new crisps out.

Firstly I would like to start by saying how impressive these crisps look, they are crinkle cut but these ones are super crinkle and that meant that the seasoning should be good and strong as it gathers. I gave the Walkers Max KFC Zinger crisps a try and found them interesting. The cut makes them good too eat, rather crunchy and satisfying. I recognised the seasoning, these tasted good like the seasoning on a Zinger burger or on their hot wings but the bit that disappointed me was they were very light on the chicken flavour. I love the chicken flavour and so the balance was wrong for me, all chilli and not meaty enough.

Also the heat got hotter which was quite a tingle but it overpowered everything. These are a nice novelty idea but they didn’t recreate the full KFC Zinger experience for my taste buds. Decent if you just want some crisps packing a good chilli burn and a good crunch though.

Walkers Max - KFC Zinger - Double Crunch

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