4 February 2021

RANA - Pan-fried Gnocchi - Spinach (@NLi10)

 We like the Rana brand convenient Italian food.  As authentic as you are likely to find in an English supermarket, and usually very high quality ingredients.  When my partner brought home this (new?) green Gnocci I couldn't wait to try them out.

Look at all this lovely text!

And they want me to fry them? Well - lets trust them on this and try it!

Naked, raw Gnocchi

Part fried Gnocchi - a bit blurred I am afraid.

And here they are - with a lovely pie (Old peculiar I think).  They look a lot like sprouts, but they taste like high quality spinach gnocchi! I did really enjoy these - and I think I might try pan frying some of the generic store gnocchi like this.  Its not something I'd really considered and is almost a lot more 'English' as fried potato cakes and similar are part of the local cuisine.

Really enjoyable, quick and easy and go with pretty much anything.  Result!

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