20 February 2021

Keo Lager Beer (Present) By @SpectreUK

Keo Lager Beer

Keo is brewed on the Island of Cyprus. It was sent to me with a bunch of other European beers in a big box at Christmas. I noted that I'd already had six of the beers, and I'm slowly writing about the other six that I haven't had before. There is a specific reason I've decided to write about this beer today... 

My barber is a Cypriot. I'm telling you this because we've been locked down here without hairstylists since late December. I last had my haircut in early December. I usually get my hair cut once every six weeks. I was just about to get my haircut the day before lockdown and looked out the window and it was snowing heavily, so I couldn't be arsed to go, and I was thinking I'll do it tomorrow. As usual in this country they locked us down without notice and now my hair resembles a giant angry haystack. I'm partly glad I have a good head of hair for a 45 year old, but it's as curly as a bag of crazy curly-chips, and it's like exercising whilst wearing a woolly hat. Even my boss told me that I need to get my haircut in a Teams meeting the other day!

Anyway, I digress... on opening this 4.5% in volume Keo lager beer there was a sweet smell from the barley malt and a little wheatiness, and a crisp bitter aroma from the herbal hops. On taste the flavour of this bright golden lager follows the aromas, with an initial sweetness from the mixture of barley malt and wheat, followed by a crispy bitterness from the hops. These flavours merged and jumbled over each other with the cheerful bubbles into the aftertaste. This is a lovely flavoursome lager beer and I can see why it's been so popular since 1951. Oh, and it's from Cyprus, just like my barber, and I can't wait to get my haircut!

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