5 February 2021

Magnum - Double Gold Caramel Billionaire (Asda) By @Cinabar

Magnum - Double Gold Caramel Billionaire

Part of me thinks it is a little bit early for new ice creams to hit the shelves, it is February. We have snow forecast next week for example, but on the other hand Spring is on its way and I always love a new product. These new Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire ice creams were found in Asda and sounded like just another caramel product. If in doubt add caramel and call your product a new variant. I like caramel but it never feels very creative.

Magnum - Double Gold Caramel Billionaire

I opened up the box and there were three gold wrapped bars. I opened one up and found vanilla ice cream rippled with caramel, a double layer of coating and proper liquid caramel. The chocolate round the edge also had biscuit pieces mixed in too, oh this really was something special. The taste was absolutely gorgeous, there was lots of caramel but the mix with a nutty salt flavour made it interesting, the liquid caramel made it a little messy but was so wonderfully sweet and buttery. The double layer of coating was so nice from a texture point of view, this might be caramel based but it is almost perfection. I conclude definitely not too early for new ice cream, I’m buying another o box of these Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaires.

Magnum - Double Gold Caramel Billionaire

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Lia said...

I don't usually find much satisfaction in ice cream sticks but these seem right up my alley. If you try the new Nuii caramel white chocolate Texan pecan ones, I'd be curious how they compare. I've heard they're just as good, if not better.