25 February 2021

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes - New Cherry Flavour (@NLi10) and a suggestion...

 Variation is very much the aim of the game at the moment for McVitie's.  Things you know - but with a flavour twist.

Maybe it's because they know we will buy at least one to try - and then talk about here!

Today we have a lovely box of orangey Jaffa Cakes - that British staple - only they are Cherry not Orange.

As per modern rules you only get 10 in a box - this feels quite mean because of the size gap.  Maybe McVitie's should make the box 25% shorter and get more on the trucks.

I'm sure the filling on the top used to make it all the way to the edge, and the chocolate was thicker too.  I'm betting this is to make the sugar per portion lower and so we get less calories per cake.  Cheeky Cherry Bomb will distract us all from this though.

They taste like good cherry sweets though, not the cough mixture version you get, and anyone who has had a Black Forest Gateaux (BFG?) will tell you good cherry, cake and chocolate is a great mix.

Enjoyable and snackable, and very much something that I'd eat again.  I just wish companies would own up to the fact that these are bad for us and just sell us the bad versions at the price they cost to make. 12 Dark-Side BFG Jaffa Cakes with all the cherry jam, thick dark chocolate and maybe even a chocolate sponge? Now there is a snack worth the calories that I'd pay full price for...

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