13 February 2021

Korev Cornish Lager (@StAustellBrew Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Korev Cornish Lager St. Austell Brewery

We have recently been watching recorded episodes of Rick Stein travelling around Cornwall. I always like watching his programmes. This series seems to have been filmed between lockdowns. To me he has a great deal of charisma. It feels a little bit like watching a dad travelling around places as they explore and meet new people, whilst at the same time sampling the local cuisine, and cooking up some interesting dishes of their own.

As a young lad I went with my parents and sister to visit relatives in Cornwall every year. Cinabar and I have been trying to determine where and when we can go away on holiday. Last year a holiday would be this year, now it seems more likely that it will be safer to go away next year. The last proper holiday we had away was down Bath before my last knee operation. Next year hopefully we'll try Cornwall. I've been meaning to go back to the Jamaica Inn, and I've always wanted to go down the tin mines under the sea. There seem to be so many picturesque places to visit.

For now I'll try this Korev Cornish Lager. At 4.8% in volume, this lager was produced by the St. Austell Brewery. Korev is a Cornish word for beer. It's barley malt was grown in Cornwall, and hops such as Magnum, Hersbrucker and Saaz were used in the brewing. There was a slight yeasty smell mixed with the sweet barley malt and the aroma of herbal hops on opening the bottle.

This pale golden lager shines like the Cornish sunshine. The sweet barley malt pushes through the crisp fresh hops at first taste. A slight flavour of yeast mixes with the malty and herbal hoppy bitterness towards the aftertaste merging with the cheerful bubbles to remind me that I'm enjoying a lager on a freezing cold afternoon in February. I'll have to enjoy another Korev Cornish Lager in the summertime sometime in Cornwall, maybe on a beach next year!

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