10 February 2021

White Maltesers Mini Bunnies (Asda) By @SpectreUK

White Maltesers Mini Bunnies

I do love my overindulgent puddings at night, especially after a long morning's workout in my kitchen gym. The kitchen gym has been so successful during these lockdowns that I've decided to leave my actual gym. I'd been a member for more than ten years. Of course I'll miss the people, the gym facilities, and lessons, but I haven't been there for almost a year, and my membership has been frozen for all that time. There's that awkwardness these days of wandering how close you can get to people or how far away you can be without appearing rude. The vaccines that are being slowly rolled out should help with that over time.

I'll miss the outside swimming pool and mostly the spa area of my old gym too. I'll especially miss the sauna, for its pure relaxing bliss, the conversations, and the friendships I've made and lost there. I'll miss it everyday, and I'm desperately sad to step away from it, but I've become some sort of a house cat over the past year. I'm fitter than I have been in many years, in body and mind, and the rehabilitation of my knee and shoulder have continued well, and perhaps I will go back to my old gym some day. It would mean so much to me to meet friends again in that lovely sauna...

White Maltesers Mini Bunnies

So an overindulgent pudding is most definitely required to cheer me up. These Maltesers Mini Bunnies are five individually wrapped white chocolate coated Easter Bunnies with a Malteser centre. As you can see from the photograph, the chocolate moulded bunnies are very cute indeed. I decided to have my favourite Whittard's white hot chocolate drink to wash these Maltesers Mini Bunnies down with, but first I would eat a tub of white chocolate ice cream.

These Maltesers Mini Bunnies have a sumptuous creamy white chocolate coating with that all too familiar crunchy Malteser centre. Combined with my white chocolate ice cream, and white hot chocolate drink, these Maltesers Mini Bunnies were pure overindulgence and absolute bliss. They made me smile, which is something I may need to try to do more often in the coming months, especially when they open things up a little more. I'll finally have a shave and manage to get my crazy bizarre hair neatened up a bit. Maybe I'll even leave the house for a little while... ;-)

Information on the packet; There are five Maltesers Mini Bunnies in a packet at 63 calories per bunny, with 3.6g of fat, 6.4g of sugar, and 0.02g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

White Maltesers Mini Bunnies

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