27 February 2021

Dark Necessities (Bad Co.) By @SpectreUK

Dark Necessities (Bad Co.)

I like the look of this milk stout. It not only has a ghost on the front of the can, but Dark Necessities sounds pretty kinky to me. The can is mysteriously purple, which is a favourite colour of mine. My actual favourite colour is blue. My car is blue. My laptop and iPad covers are blue. My X-Box is blue. My teddy bear is blue. Even my yoga mat is blue. Yet purple... now that's a colour for the door of wondering what's behind closed doors!

Even the name of brewery sounds kinky; Bad Co. Now there is a place I want to drink from. I reckon their front door is purple. Some where in the dark corners Spectres linger whilst savouring a cool milk stout called Dark Necessities. Produced using Malted Barley, as well as Pale, Munich, Chocolate, and Crystal malts, Oats , and roasted barley, this 5.5% volume milk stout oozes taste appeal with its promise of chocolate, toffee and dark malts. The added promise of fruitiness and spiciness from the Summit and Bramling Cross hops just makes me want to ease my through that purple door, pop open the can, and sup in those Dark Necessities.

So without further discussion I dived right in. I could smell the intense winter fruits and spices from the hops to start with, followed closely behind by the menagerie of dark sweet malts. Mmm... my tastebuds were swooning on pouring this deep black milk stout into my brazen beer glass. The dark malts and sweet toffee flavours teased my palate first, oozing around my tongue, as the roasted barley produced a deep coffee flavour, which merged with the fruity and peppery spices from the hops, playfully tickling my fancy into the aftertaste.

This Dark Necessities is a brew to be enjoyed behind closed doors. You don't have to make sure that it's a purple door. You may need to enjoy it with the lights off if you're that way inclined. Or even enjoy it with a good kinky book on comfy recliner. ;-)

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