23 February 2021

Ramune - Strawberry Drink (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Ramune - Strawberry Drink

Back when we were allowed out I used to go to a Japenese restaurant in Birmingham city centre called Mount Fuji, my go to drink there was a soft drink called Ramune. It is a sort of lemonade but sweeter than that with a nice hint of almost bubblegum like flavour. As curious as the drink is the bottle is also quite fascinating, it is called a “codd neck” and has a glass ball holding the seal in place. A bit of a novelty but one I like!

I haven’t had Ramune since before the first lockdown and was quite surprised to find it stocked on Ocado, they also had this their strawberry edition which I hadn’t seen before so I added a couple of bottles to my order. When it arrived it brought back memories of Japanese meals out and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the fun process of opening the bottle. So, in short, you take the wrapper off, take off the outer lid, split this into two, discard the ring, use the T-shaped part to sit on top of the bottle, push down, wait for a pop and you have released the the glass ball sealing it! It isn’t actually that complicated - see photo.

Ramune - Strawberry Drink

Once the drink was in the glass I could see it was quite fizzy and a nice pink colour. The flavour is very sweet, there is more sugar than strawberry in the flavour, but it is still fruity. It is a fun drink and it may be too sweet and syrupy for some, but I loved it. I loved the strange bottle opening and I loved the memories of Japanese restaurants, which hopefully I’ll be able to visit again later in the year.

Ramune - Strawberry Drink


zeddy said...

Good old Ramune!
The Yuzu flavoured one is delicious too.

cinabar said...

Yes, had no idea you could buy it at Ocado. They didn't have Yuzu though :-( but they did have orange so might try this next.