16 February 2021

Baked Pecan Biscotti (Hotel Chocolat) By @Cinabar

Baked Pecan Biscotti (Hotel Chocolat)

I dunk biscuits, people who don’t dunk biscuits are missing the point. They are so much nicer softer! There I said it, those are my true feelings on biscuits, I would go as far as saying a biscuit without a hot drink has minimal appeal. Nothing can be truer than with the Biscotti. These biscuits are baked twice to make them extra crunchy and then they are designed to be dunked! Yay.

I recently got a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser (posh hot chocolate maker) as a gift and I registered it and receive three Baked Pecan Biscotti as a free gift, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Obviously I whipped up a hazelnut latte in my machine to test the biscuit out on. I usually dunk in coffee, tea is acceptable and hot chocolate just occasionally. These biscuits claim to survive a full ten seconds dunking so I tried that and it worked, purely for the science though I’m not sure why you need to dunk for more than a couple of seconds. The nut in the biscuit complemented the nut flavour in the drink well and it just worked, perfect afternoon snack time. Biscuits made for dunking are my thing, I may have to actually pick up a pack of these with my next hot chocolate order.

Baked Pecan Biscotti (Hotel Chocolat)

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