18 February 2021

Pancake Day - With Bacon Dust & RNLI Caramel Goo (@NLi10)

Pancake Day - winter is over so lets eat all the junk!

This is a regular pancake for demo purposes - lemon and sugar.  Mmmmmm

Look at all these ace, zany toppings we could use!

So lets make some more!

And lets turn this one into Maple Bacon pancakes as promised - other parts of the reviews for the dust are here.

As usual - it's looking pretty inedible.  But we smear it in and stir it up...

Very smushy. And very nice too - tastes like American bacon on a pancake - but with none of the crunch.  Wonder how we'd simulate a crunch?

As I was buying a heap of things from the lovely RNLI shop anyway (teabags!) I added this for basically free.  Near date salted Caramel spread?  Don't mind if I do!

They look very different, the French one is a lot less sweet too.  Lets heap it up!

And it works amazingly - probably better than the bacon (but both were very good).  So a very big success  and I totally plan to make American fat pancakes and do the same soon too!

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