28 February 2021

McVitie's Digestives - Marmalade & Toast Flavour (@NLi10) Are these Breakfast?

McVitie's have been on a roll releasing new flavours of classics recently.  We have reviewed A LOT of them.  This one was abandoned on the counter in my local corner shop as they are a little out of date.  

I suspect that my neighbours were not convinced that Marmalade on Toast flavour should be an option for biscuits.  

A few years back 'breakfast biscuits' were a big thing pushed by snack brands as a way to sell rusks to grown ups. It seemed to work for a short time but you don't really see them as much now.  I think people missed the cereal bowl.

No artificial colours or flavours - but the ingredients disagree...

Natural Orange Flavouring, Natural Flavouring.  No toast - no marmalade - all trickery and PR language.  Just the same biscuits with a new taste.

And slim, slim chocolate to make us feel bad about our choices.

But - yes - these do taste of Marmalade - not orange, but actual marmalade (very Robinsons), the toast I get a lot less.

And they are nice biscuits, but the kind that leave you wanting more - and not in a satisfying way.  I'd rather have some actual marmalade on toast, or a piece of good shortbread.

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