24 February 2021

Toast & Jam Yorkshire Tea (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Toast & Jam Yorkshire Tea

I drink a large amount of tea every day. I've recently been working my way through a huge box of Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea, which is a lovely strong black tea. I have it with milk and no sugar, if you were wondering. I also enjoy many other teas, such as; Earl Grey, Chai, Jasmine tea, and ginger tea, as well as many different liquorice teas. Yep, I drink a lot of tea... So much so that I have no idea how many cups of tea I drink every day. Lockdown and procrastination over report writing for work are a deadly combination.

I don't know whether it's because I drink so much tea or that I never eat breakfast, but for some reason Cinabar has decided to torture me by buying this Toast & Jam Yorkshire Tea. It states on the front of the box that this tea "tastes like jam on toast!" Why would anyone want tea to taste like jam on toast? Why wouldn't you just have jam on toast?

There are 40 teabags in the box, so I could probably get through those in a couple of particularly masochistic days if I fall out with myself for any further procrastination over this damn boring reports!

On opening the box of malicious tea there was a whiff of jam and toast from the teabags inside. I remember many years ago I was doing temporary work in a factory. A couple of the other workers used to dunk their buttered toast into their morning mug of tea. I couldn't understand why they would do that, but I suspect this is sort of what they would be drinking, and perhaps what it would have smelt like if I'd braved to get any closer.

Bizarrely Cinabar loved the smell of this Toast & Jam Yorkshire Tea whilst it was brewing. With a little milk and cooling, this tea really does taste of jam on toast. On first sip I decided I hated it. Though I reckon I probably decided I hated it when Cinabar first showed me the box. The more I drank of this tea, the more it made me feel slightly queezy. I forced about two thirds of the mug down, but had to tip out the rest. It was like drinking the bin juice from the bottom of toaster after someone had reheated their toast after forgetting they'd already spread it. Blaargh! And yet Cinabar loves it... bizarre!

Toast & Jam Yorkshire Tea


zeddy said...

It REALLY needs milk with it.
Just black it is quite vile.
I think the biscuit one is the better overall though.

Spectre said...

I haven't had the biscuit one, but I have to admit I'm not all that keen to try it! :-D I did have this one with milk and it was one of the most awful things I've ever drank. Cinabar tried to get me to try her mug which had milk and sugar, which actually was even more awful. Biscuit one you say...?