6 February 2021

Triple Hop Beer (Co-Op) By @SpectreUK

Triple Hop Beer (Co-Op)

I always like a good craft beer. Here is a beer that makes my mouth water. Triple Hop is a combination of hops including; Goldings, Cascade, Chinook, and Bramling Cross and all added three times in the brewing to extenuate their fruity citrus and spicy flavours. In the taste this 5.5% volume golden ale promises fruitiness from the Cascade, honeyed sweetness from the Goldings, grapefruit citrus from the Chinook, and a deep spicy winter fruits flavours from the Bramling Cross. Not to mention the added sweetness from the malts in there too. This Triple Hop should go very well with my beef stew and a couple of dumplings tonight.

On opening the bottle there was an initial fruitiness in the smell with an added spice to the sweetness from the malts. This dark golden Triple Hop is almost brown in colour. The bitter fruity, citrus hops and spices pounced on my palate to begin with producing a succulent lip-smacking flavour as the combination of fruity spicy hops and citrus undertones bashed into the sweet malts, merging nicely to a full bodied well rounded flavour. Those bitter fruity and spicy hops jumbled over and over each other with the sweet malts in a chaotic bountiful flavour jaunt into the aftertaste. Mmm... time for some beef stew too. And I do like a decent pair of dumplings!

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