2 February 2021

Dairy Milk Hedgehog Chocolate Bar (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Dairy Milk Hedgehog Chocolate Bar

Hedgehog is a weird name for a chocolate bar. It triggered a memory though of ‘hedgehog flavour’ crisps that were popular in the 1980s. I think they were actually pork flavoured but part of a marketing campaign that got them famous as a bit of a retro legend. This new Dairy Milk Hedgehog is not flavoured with pork or hedgehog for that matter thankfully, this one’s prickly taste comes from almonds, biscuit and coconut. The back of the bar does look prickly too!

Dairy Milk Hedgehog Chocolate Bar

As someone who loves texture this bar was up my street. Some people don’t like coconut because of its texture but I think it is interesting to eat, that combined with the crunchy biscuit and the nuts and chocolate meant I was loving this bar. It was interesting, crunchy and was creamy from the coconut. My only negative was that the Dairy Milk chocolate tasted different, I couldn’t decide if it was the coconut as the most prominent taste distracting me or the fact that it was different, but it tasted a little less sweet and a little less creamy. Not bad by any means at all, just not quite the same. In fact I liked this bar so much that if it was more easily available it would quickly become a favourite, anyone who likes texture in their chocolate should give it a try.
Dairy Milk Hedgehog Chocolate Bar


evildannee said...

Hi, love your blog. This is 'Hedgehog' as in the well known Australian traybake, Hedgehog slice

cinabar said...

Thanks :-) And that makes so much more sense! I've never seen Hedgehog tray bake! :-)