17 February 2021

Simmons Pork Scratchings (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Simmons Pork Scratchings

I broke a tooth in half eating Pork Scratchings once. I'm not naming names, but they weren't produced by Simmons! I've written about Simmons Pork Crackling before. As they are cooked twice, rather than the once Pork Scratchings are cooked, Simmons Pork Crackling practically melted in my mouth. They are perfectly seasoned for saltiness, and are by and far my favourite after weightlifting snack. Yes they are full of fat, but I generally have a tin of tuna on a sandwich and a 20g bag of Simmons Pork Crackling for an extra boost of protein before my extra protein yoghurt. So you can imagine my surprise when a huge 180g of substitute Simmons Pork Scratchings turned up in a food delivery instead of the usual multipack!

At first I wasn't going to eat these Simmons Pork Scratchings. I'd just have a few one lunchtime and leave the rest in the garden for the cats or a passing fox. Then Cinabar found that you can store Pork Scratchings for a few weeks in an airtight container. So I figured I'd somehow police myself to estimate roughly 20g portions after nine weightlifting sessions.

The first weightlifting was today. I must admit that I was pretty good at portion control, the three largish pieces I picked from the Tupperware box were probably just over 20g, but hey, they didn't break any of my teeth so that was a good start. I must admit that my initial apprehension about eating Pork Scratchings again was completely unfounded.

Like their Pork Crackling these Simmons Pork Scratchings were perfectly seasoned for saltiness, but not too overwhelming, so I could still taste the porkiness. They had a slightly stronger crunch to them than the Pork Crackling, but still pretty much melted in my mouth. So not only do Simmons produce my favourite Pork Crackling, but they do a damn fine job with their Pork Scratchings too!

Information on the packet;
The 180g bag contains 676 calories per 100g, with 59g of fat, 0.1g of sugar, 33.5g of protein, and 0.54g of salt. Ingredients included; pork rinds, edible oil, salt, enhancer E621, and vegetable protein.

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