14 February 2021

Squirrel Sisters Brownie Bites Cacao/Orange (@NLi10)

 When making an online order from Holland & Barrett it's almost impossible not to add a few of the more specialist snacks on to the order.  So I ended up with two bags of Squirrel Sisters Raw Bite Brownies!

Look at these amazing treats!

Vegan, raw, full of fruit and just enough sugar and cocao (from natural sources) that you feel naughty for eating them!

I found these original ones a little dry for my tastes, but still very nice.  Lovely mix of textures too.

The orange ones are basically the same deal

Same mix, but the natural orange flavourings just make it shine.  I found these so much more enjoyable!

And yet they are fundamentally the exact same mix!

With the original flavour I could happily just have one and put them back, with the orange ones I've eaten three just writing this review.  I guess it's an individual taste thing.

A little pricey to sit and eat a whole bag, but as a perky little (healthy!) treat then these are spot on.  Nutrition and joy in one little cube.

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