12 January 2022

Milk Chocolate England’s Glory Matches (Mr Stanley’s) By @SpectreUK

Milk Chocolate England’s Glory Matches (Mr Stanley’s)

I used to smoke cigarettes quite heavily when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I gave up when I went to uni, which is where I first met Cinabar. I couldn't afford to smoke anymore, Cinabar threatened not to kiss me until I stopped smoking, and that was also around about the same time I caught Fresher's Flu and developed the most awful smoker's cough. I was pretty ill from that flu to the extent where I just had to give up smoking in the end.

I used to have the odd cigar now and then too. The only thing about smoking I still miss are the Cubans. I used to have one on my birthday and one on New Years Eve. So for many years now Cinabar has bought me chocolate cigars on my birthday and for New Years in memory of me giving up smoking more than twenty years ago.

We joked some time ago when Cinabar suggested all I needed was a chocolate match to light my chocolate cigar. Mr Stanley obviously had the same idea and has brought out Milk Chocolate England's Glory Matches. These salted caramel and milk chocolate matches should go well with the last of my Gentlemen's Club Chocolate Cigars.

Milk Chocolate England’s Glory Matches (Mr Stanley’s)

As you can see from the photograph there are two layers of five Milk Chocolate England's Glory Matches presented in a smart traditional looking sliding box. On taste the top of the matches were a creamy white chocolate, whereas the matchstick itself was salted caramel mixed in with milk chocolate.

These Milk Chocolate England's Glory Matches just melted in my mouth. They had a decent hit of smooth salted caramel, and sumptuous milk chocolate. I'd certainly have these again, but unfortunately I found it quite difficult to light my milk chocolate cigar with them. So I just had to eat the whole box full of chocolate matches instead!

Information on the packet; The 120g box contains 540 calories per 100g, with 32g of fat, 54.5g of sugar, and 0.51g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Milk Chocolate England’s Glory Matches (Mr Stanley’s)

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