6 January 2022

Butterm!lk Choccy Peanutsters by @NLi10 (@Buttermilk_UK)

Cinema trips are great - but few and far between due to all the virus.  We look for odd showings that have few seats booked out and pounce.  And we take our own snacks (and a blanket)

You can't really get a good shot of the screen here - but I'm only taking pictures of the adverts.

I've brought with me the Butterm!lk Coccy Peanutsters - which are peanut, dairy free chocolate and a sweet shell.  They are basically like a nutty vegan Mini Egg - and they are gorgeous! Their website has lots of other things which we've reviewed too.

As is the iSense screen at the Odeon when it's on full (shame The Matrix had black bars top and bottom...).

Some even survived to work for the following day for a well lit picture.  There are only three colours but I'm convinced that there are flavours to the shell too.

Overall - I think I'd rather have these than Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I can't eat as many in one sitting (probably a good thing) because of the peanuts - but these are vastly superior to other choc peanuts I may eat sometimes and I'm tempted to just order a box off the website so I don't run out (while they have a 15% off offer on...)

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