11 October 2022

Quality Street Favourites - The Purple One (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Quality Street Favourites - The Purple One

The greatest of all the Quality Street sweets is The Purple One. There is no contest, these are the ones I pick out of the tin each year. I love nuts, I love oozing caramel and a chocolate layer and I’m not sure how you could improve that. I guess this year you could go back to the proper packaging. I’m not a fan of the new paper wrappers. The old wrappers were biodegradable by the way, despite reports in the press of them being plastic, they were entirely plant based. So who knows what that was really about?

Quality Street Favourites - The Purple One

This new bar, Quality Street Favourites - The Purple One, is a representation in bar form of my favourite chocolate. The bar is well a bar, so quite flat. How are they going to pull off oozing caramel and a hazelnut? Well, only one way to find out. I broke a piece off and immediately the caramel showed up, and it was runny, which was a really good sign. I gave it a taste, and it worked, it recreated all my favourite flavours. Yes, the nuts are in smaller bits but there were enough of them to give flavour, the caramel was pretty plentiful and had the sweet golden flavour and the smooth sweet milk chocolate enveloped the whole thing. It was gorgeous. This bar didn’t last long. I only intended to have a couple of pieces as a taster but I couldn’t stop myself.

Sadly, the wrapper on this Quality Street Favourites The Purple One bar doesn’t recycle in our home recycling bins and it doesn’t biodegrade. I hope they work on fixing that.

Quality Street Favourites - The Purple One

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Anonymous said...

Ohoho, there is a contest.
And I'm Team Triangle.
Not that they aren't all sadly cheap, too-sweet and low-grade ingredients these days.